TMJ therapy

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders are characterized not only by clicking and popping of the jaw but patients can exhibit sharp jaw pains and headaches as well. Another less-known implication of TMJ is gum recession and even tooth loss. As the jaw searches for a position of comfort, the teeth act as a guiding mechanism, creating barriers for pain and anterior/posterior jaw movement. In this vector-determined, compensating process, some teeth can exhibit more impact and force than the other teeth; these teeth subsequently become “beat up” and can show recession, bone loss and in some cases tooth loss.

Dr. Crowe’s approach to TMJ therapy is always personalized. By listening to patient’s desires and concerns we aim to work with patients to solve their TMJ concerns and consequent periodontal and prosthetic issues.

All patient models are articulated and studied with extreme care and professional assessment. A treatment plan is then determined based upon the Doctor’s assessment and patient examination.

Equilibrating procedures bring the jaw to a position of comfort and relieve cranial strains and improper loading forces on teeth.

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