The Aligner Articulator

In order to obtain a correct treatment position of the jaw, important for maintaining restorative, orthodontic and implant dental work, Dr. Crowe uses the unique state of the art Aligner Articulator to diagnose and treat every dental case. Developed by Dr. Runar Johnson, the Aligner Articulator allows for new insight to proper dental cranial functionality. By adjusting dental casts that are mounted on the Articulator, the Doctor can conduct an initial occlusal analysis to diagnose the patient’s case and prepare a treatment plan. This dynamic Articulator can then be manipulated to conform to a desired treatment position, of which the Doctor will base the dental cranial treatment of the patient. This unique method allows for more efficient and controlled dentistry and holistic treatment, making patient comfort and improvement the main priority.

“Here in is the body’s adaptive capacity to respond to stress with health versus illness. This biology of function is one’s metabolism as regulated by the nervous and endocrine systems. This apparatus facilitates the balancing of body posture and the manner in which the skeleton carries and manages physical load. This biology of structure has a tremendous impact on the patient’s biolgy of function from the jaws.” -Dr. Timothy Crowe

Dr. Crowe (Right) and Dr. Runar Johnson (Left)

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