ALF orthodontics

As a Physician Surgeon of Dental Medicine Dr. Crowe treats a wide range of dental cranial conditions, seeing patients of all ages. After 35 years of experience, Dr. Crowe has acquired a keen sense of the dynamic connection between dental functionality and overall health. He draws on this connection and his palpatory senses not only to support dental restorations and adjustments but more importantly to optimize the functionality of the cranial system. In 2006 Dr. Crowe began his study of dental cranial techniques and in 2008 he began clinical application of ALF orthodontics and commenced his continued education and collaboration with like minded doctors including Darick Nordstrom and John Laughlin. Dr. Crowe uses the ALF appliance as a tool; allowing for disengagement, exaggeration and transformative balancing of the teeth, head and nervous system alike. The ALF is unique in that it promotes patient engagement and self-modulating treatment, both of which embody the dental cranial philosophy and are the cornerstones of Dr. Crowe’s practice.

Dr. Crowe was trained in ALF therapy by Dr. Darick Nordstrom, founder of ALF Orthodontics. Dr. Nordstrom’s philosophy is a refreshing approach to orthodontics that addresses not only crooked teeth but; malocclusion, sleep apnea, jaw-skullbase imbalance, cranial strain, TMJ and a multitude of other conditions. An ALF orthodontist like Dr. Crowe values a holistic approach to each patients condition and is passionate for understanding and treating the underlying causes of dental and cranial conditions.

Dr. Crowe is a proud supporter and provider of ALF orthodontics. He is currently the only recognized ALF provider in the Downtown Chicago Loop area.

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